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This is about the combination of two interests, Radio Control vehicles and Science Fiction models. Its also about vehicle design. The models have to satisfy two main precepts.

1. The vehicles have to work, ie be driveable, but not nescessarily win any races or rock crawling competitions.

2. The main thing is that they have to look cool.

Monday, 21 August 2017

ToyBash 2 part 2

I installed the nerf guns on the sides.
A piece of 10mm foamed PVC supports the sides of the guns which was perfect as the removal of the handle left precisely a 10mm gap.
A part from the Bruder Dozer that was removed to allow for the motor module to fit was added as a hub detail.
I cut up the hubs from the Wall E truck wheels that originally mounted here and re-used them to mount to the support arms along with a small nylon spacer turned on the mini lathe. They are held on with the original screw so they can be removed for working on and painting.

It looks kinda kooky at the moment, the arms hang down off level which I like, gives it a bit of gunslinger attitude. Hopefully with more detailing and primer it should all come together in the end.
I am thinking about some form of cheap led light chaser effect that would be visible in the long horizontal slot in the "laser rock cutters".

I have also been working on the cabin and adding some bits and pieces to the underside and building up a hood at the front using a couple of bits of an old Zoid toy.
From the side the front now looks a bit like a triceratops which I am quite happy about.
There is still more detailing in this area to go, I am going to add some checkerplate walkwaysalong the side as I have some 1/25 scale checkerplate styrene sheet that I have had for years and never found a use for.

I also hit the back tank section with some red oxide primer to see how its traveling... needs more pipes, probably some single core wire will finish this bit off.

I finally got around to wiring up the motors and testing them by connecting a battery to each one and watching it trundle forward down the hall straight as a die.
It works, as predicted a bit slow on 7.2 volts, but if I can find a pair of forward and reverse brushed motor speed controllers able to take 4s cells otherwise known as 14.4 volts they should be fine. I disconnected one of the batteries to observe the skid steering and it also works well. I suspect the ABS plastic tracks will scratch easily and I am not excited about trying to paint them, I just wish they were made from grey plastic rather than yellow but apparently you can get replacement tracks direct from Bruder in Germany and they do have grey versions but a shorter loop for an excavator model. Might have to get more than one set if these ever get used enough to wear out.

More soon...


  1. This is terrific. The detailing is great. It already looks superb, but I reckon it should be amazing with a unifying paint job. Very inspiring work.

  2. Mate, incredible work! It's been awesome to scroll through your blog and see all the stuff you've been making and you're from WA too! Subscribed and can't wait to see more.

  3. Hi. Very cool! Do you still have the exhaust pipe from the wall-and-truck? Can you sell it to me?

  4. No, sorry it was missing when I bought it.

  5. OK, thank you anyway.
    I'm restoring one and it's just missing that.
    And may you have a very good year!


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