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Saturday, 28 December 2019

Resilient cruiser part 9

The top surface of the Resilient is now pretty much done as far as detailing goes.

 I sprayed some grey primer to see how its looking. I feel it is not as tight as the detailing on the bottom  surfaces but the top retains a lot of the earliest work done on this project which is many many years old.

Still have to finalise the front end and then make a start on the sides of the main hull.

Thanks for looking.
More soon...

Friday, 13 December 2019

Resilient cruiser part 8

I have been working on the cockpit interior of the Resilient project.
I made up a floor and console complete with a couple of 1/48 scale jet pilot figures and their seats.
Added to that are a couple of side panels and a back wall insert.
All were detailed with kit parts from my tiny parts box and then sprayed with a light coat of primer grey.
The detailing doesn't have to be too fussy here as it will be very difficult to see once the model is buttoned up.
I just want an interesting tech panel texture in there to catch the light.
The idea is that the pilots will mostly just be silhouettes when seen through the windows.

The removable roof interior was also tackled and includes a pelmet that diffuses the direct light from the leds mounted at the back, one white in the middle and a red led each side. Each of the leds has the appropriate resistor soldered to the positive lead to run off 12 volts dc.


The pelmet is made from a piece of 3mm thick opal perspex with some rectangular and small round frame shaped kit parts. Paint was used to block the light except through the frames and the pelmet positioned to allow some light to spill down the back wall. The photos show the effect.




I have still got to do a little painting to the pilot figures and a bit of weathering to the panels before gluing them in permanently.

Thanks for looking.
More soon...

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Resilient cruiser part 7

I have flipped the model over and resumed working on the top again.
I have been trying to finish the communications tower and I think it's done.
I sprayed some grey primer just to make sure.
The whole communication tower assembly has been made removable for safer transport in the future. It has a number of small and fragile antenna arrays.
It is held onto the model with a strong magnet near the front and a small lip that mates with a tab at the rear.

Thanks for looking.
More soon...

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