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This is about the combination of two interests, Radio Control vehicles and Science Fiction models. Its also about vehicle design. The models have to satisfy two main precepts.

1. The vehicles have to work, ie be driveable, but not nescessarily win any races or rock crawling competitions.

2. The main thing is that they have to look cool.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Kit Bash Shuttlecraft part 4

Some modifications have been done which I think will go a long way to camouflage the obvious "helicopter" canopy and some extra detail has been added to the sides.
I also removed most of the rivets.

Next up is some more detail to be added to the engine casings.
More soon....


  1. Your a far better kitbasher than I, but I reckon it still looks too much like a chopper. I think you need to break it up drastically, in the centre or something? Get rid of the port hole windows maybe?

    The contour of the chopper is still too obvious IMHO :(

    My two cents.

  2. I think the chopper will be more or less gone once the finishing paint goes on. Looking good!
    Is that a little auto body filler?

  3. All your ships are freaking incredible!

  4. Hello, your work is astonishing.
    I am a stop motion music video director and wanted to talk with you about the possibility of working with some of your models or if you are able to create new ones.
    If you are interested, you can reach me here : dabrainkilla@gmail.com
    Thanks for your blog and what you do.
    All the best,


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