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This is about the combination of two interests, Radio Control vehicles and Science Fiction models. Its also about vehicle design. The models have to satisfy two main precepts.

1. The vehicles have to work, ie be driveable, but not nescessarily win any races or rock crawling competitions.

2. The main thing is that they have to look cool.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Moebius-1 part 2

Part 1 here

Most of the large toybashed detail pieces have now been superglued to the underside of the flat top.
The final placement differs only slightly from the preliminary layout and I have laid out a couple of non-lethal plastic mousetraps which you can clearly see labelled Big Cheese.

The clear baby's toy housing has had some 10mm ABS half round strips added to mimic the ribbing in the concept sketch. It took a lot of bending by hand to get them into the contour to match the surface of the baby's toy. The half round strips were purchased online from HobbyKing along with a selection of the other ABS profiles they carry such as square, rod and tube. They are not very precisely extruded, for example the half round shapes are a bit flatter than an exact half circle and the square sides are not exactly at 90 degrees or flat but they come 500mm long and are very cheap.

On the sides there is half a section of a crane toy, another charity shop find and the Blade support arms from the old Bruder dozer toy. I have to find something to go in the gap at the side in front of the mouse trap, it may be half a cab from the Transformers SCVNGR toy.

The front section is pretty much sorted with just a layer of finer detail and piping to come. I have to remember to leave a space for the "pontoon/float" support struts you can see in the concept sketch. In fact I still havn't come up with anything for those pontoon shapes. I was thinking of a couple of submarine hulls chopped up but I cant find any sub kits cheap enough at the size I need and I haven't stumbled across anything suitable in my charity shop visits so far.

The vacant space in front of the engines is also still unresolved at this point, I haven't found anything in my stash I like for that area yet, might have to build something...

Thanks for looking, more soon.


  1. Looking great! As too the pontoons didn't the Battlestar Galattica model use Boulton Paul defiant fuselages? They seem to have a similar profile to me.

    1. Your comment about the Boulton Paul Defiant lead me to look at aircraft fuselages and in particular flying boats. I ordered a couple of cheap 1/144 scale Kawanishi H8K ( Emily) flying boat kits that look like they will fit the bill. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Wow! glad my comment was helpful :) Very much looking forward to seeing how this whole build develops.

  3. Just came across your site and I'm already a fan! Love the way you share and document the process. Would love to see you making a kick-ass robot. Just an idea. All the best!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm happy enough just doing spaceships and vehicles, there a plenty of other people doing mechs far better than I could ever hope to achieve.

  5. i like kitbashing but some of the problems i have is i smoke cigerates and have been smoking inside my apartment for a long time i think the smoke left residue on my plastic /styrene parts (along with everything els) that dust likes to stick to like a magnet iv found anything i use to try and get the dust off with winds up leaving fibers residue of its own, ex. cloth, towel... which winds up ruining the paint jobs. do you know of a good way of cleaning kit parts before painting to remove dust and grime? Have you had problems with dust ruining your paint jobs? i was thinking my best bet might be to wash all my plastic parts in bath and use bit of sope then dry outside in sun which will be a ton of work i may also get a air purifier. also i found the hobby can be very expensive i would go to the hobby shop and wind up spending 100s on just few random items i find styrene sheets and tubes to be very expensive for what they are i was wondering where you buy your styrene sheets from and if they perhaps have better deals.. i was thinking of saving up and buying one of those store racks from evergreen that has variety of most pieces meant for stores to sell but even that seems expensive for what you get.

    1. Number one, to quote Yul Brynner "whatever you do just don't smoke!"
      I buy my styrene from a plastics supplier. I get full sheets of 2mm 1.5mm, 1mm and 0.5mm HIPS (High Impact Styrene). You will save a lot of money over hobby store prices but you have to stump up the cash for a lot of it in one go. For example I have a full sheet of 2mm styrene which is 2445mm long by 1220mm wide which I then cut up into 600 lengths by 1220 which is easier to manage. Evergreen here in Australia is stupidly expensive and I only occasionally buy their grooved sheets which can easily add up to over $100.00 for a few items. I have found some ABS tubes and rods on the Hobby King website which are longer lengths and much cheaper and I recently got hold of a mini table saw so I can cut up my own strips of styrene to avoid paying the ludicrous evergreen strip prices. I also buy very cheap old plastic knitting needles from charity shops which is another source of plastic rods in various sizes.I use cheap materials wherever I can find them. before painting I always wash the parts in dishwashing detergent and hot water and leave to dry outside. If there are any sticky residue that needs removing I use a grease and wax remover from the hardware store, which is kind of like a milder version of turpentine.

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