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This is about the combination of two interests, Radio Control vehicles and Science Fiction models. Its also about vehicle design. The models have to satisfy two main precepts.

1. The vehicles have to work, ie be driveable, but not nescessarily win any races or rock crawling competitions.

2. The main thing is that they have to look cool.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Supanova 2018 Sci fi model display

Supanova 2018 Perth Western Australia

Here's some pics from the show starting with my stuff.

Then a sample of models from other modellers starting with some fantastic kitbashed vehicles all at 1/16th scale,

A flawlessly painted resin kit of the Gunstar. This model had a lot of interest from people who fondly remembered the film, The Last Starfighter.

Next up is some terrific studio scale Space 1999 resin kits.

And followed up by Star wars models. The Falcon is a modified Hasbro toy, the Darth Vader Tie Fighter is studio scale as is the Slave One.

The studio scale gun turret was fully motorised with gun traverse and elevation as well as recoil effects all synced to led flashes and sound effects and triggered by remote control. This was a definite crowd pleaser.

A resin kit Blockade runner, another crowd pleaser due to the detailed and lit interior with scale figures.

Studio scale X wing and Y wing.

Studio scale Snow Speeder has arduino controlled flaps.

Medical Frigate.

A work in progress three meter long Star destroyer was another "big" attention getter.

One thing I learned about my own models is the general public generally likes something they recognise, the models from existing franchises get the most attention. Many look at my models and rightly struggle to guess what show they are from, being a little surprised when advised that I just made them up from my own imagination. There were also a small number of people that appreciated the original nature of my designs and that was very gratifying.

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  1. See, if there were more movie folks wandering the floor I bet yours would be the ones getting the attention. They're lovely, they make decent sense, and you could use them for something new that still looks deeply connected to a recognizable body of style. The general public may like the stuff they know, but the folks that know? . . . I bet they like your stuff. (I'm not sure if I've said so before, but I am eternally in awe of your stuff. No movie insider I, but I like to think I'm a decent modeler. And then I see your work . . . )


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